LiLaH (The Linguistic Landscape of Hate Speech in Social Media)


LiLaH (The Linguistic Landscape of Hate Speech in Social Media) is an FWO (Flemish NSF) and SSF (Slovenian Science Foundation) funded project focusing on building systems that can automatically recognize and analyse hate speech in social media texts. We are interested in the linguistic properties of the language that is being used to express hate in social media, specifically hate against migrants and LGBT people, and in automatically detecting it. The languages addressed are English, Dutch, Slovene, Croatian and French.

The project is a cooperation between The Centre for Computational Linguistics and Psycholinguistics (CLiPS) (University of Antwerp, Belgium), The Department of Translation (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia) and The Department of Knowledge Technologies (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia)


Ljubljana Team

Antwerp Team


The project ARRS N6-0099 and FWO G070619N: "The linguistic landscape of hate speech on social media", 2019 – 2023


Related work

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